EHS Consultant



















   Bachelor degree in relevant subject and preferably a secondary qualification such as MSc.

   Demonstration of equivalent qualification or experience in EHS .

   Desirable to be a Member of Professional Body (IOSH /IEMA) and plan to work towards Chartered Status

   Additional H&S qualifications such as NEBOSH Certificate, ergonomics and fire risk assessment training would be an advantage.



   Minimum of 1-2 years’ experience in industry/consulting.

   A working knowledge of relevant EHS legislation, standards and guidance.

   A working knowledge of EHS inspection / assessment / audit work types and generation of output reports to each.

   A working knowledge of general and specific legal requirements to risk assess, familiarity with risk assessment methodologies, assessment and interpretation of completed risk assessments, recommendation of prioritised risk controls.

   A working knowledge of accident reporting requirements, familiarity with accident investigation techniques, assessment and interpretation of investigation findings

   With supervision and guidance, production of structured factual reports, policies and procedures to provide solutions to the client’s issues as determined by the brief.

   A developing knowledge of analytical skills using computer software and technical guidance documents for the assessment of data to determine the required outcome for the project.

   Sound communication and personal effectiveness skills. 

   Developing ability to build and maintain effective working relationships at all levels.

   A positive professional persona with a good sense of humour.


   To effectively communicate and co-operate within a project team to support the achievement of a project brief through the provision of efficient and professional services.

   With the support of a Senior or Principal to assist in providing solutions to technical problems and provide input to technical reports that require minimum re-writing or amendment by an authorising signatory.

   To work within and be a champion for, the company health, safety and environmental policy.

   When requested, to provide input in to business initiatives.

   To demonstrate a working knowledge and understanding of and comply with legislation, Company policies and procedures and work within agreed resources.

   Contribute to the achievement of Company objectives through positive working relationships with colleagues throughout the Company, clients and suppliers.

   To promote the Company and its services to others.

   Demonstrate willingness and take a proactive approach to ongoing CPD.

   To provide support and assistance to the line manager as appropriate.

   To share both knowledge and experience with other team members.


Delivering excellence in service:

   Delivery of service quality to clients.

   Develops Client relationships at project level.

   Share knowledge and captures value delivered to Clients.

   Personal financial billability.


   Completes all work in a timely manner and demonstrates an understanding of time allowances allocated to a project by the manager and work within these or raise concerns to manager in a timely manner when they are at risk.

   Demonstrates the use of Company health and safety procedures.

   With the support of the wider team assists in providing solutions to problems and provide input to technical reports that require minimum re-writing or amendment by an authorising signatory.

   With guidance shows a willingness to take responsibility for addressing own performance and developmental needs to enhance skills, personal contribution and career prospects.

   Works in a professional, objective, proactive and positive manner to the needs of colleagues, customers, sub-contractors and sub-consultants or other stakeholders.

   Quality of service.

   Knowledge sharing.

   Personal billability / utilisation against project expectations.

   Effective team working.

   Integration of technology into work.


To uphold the Core Values of the Company:









Health and Safety

   Aware of current health, safety and environment legislation, rules and procedures applicable to the tasks and roles performed.

   To work within and be a champion for, the company health, safety and environmental policy.


Personal effectiveness

   With guidance is able to appreciate genuine disparate views and ideas and to position coherently to find common ground.


Team working

   Needs guidance to be able to balance personal and local team needs with those of the larger team and ultimately the organization.

   To demonstrate ability to communicate effectively with work colleagues and regulators.

   To develop and maintain good working relationships with work colleagues.

   To participate fully in Company training and business improvement initiatives.


Project briefs, deadlines and resources

   With guidance is able to plan a simple project, identifying key milestones and time frames for delivery.

   To demonstrate an understanding of project objectives, or highlight deficiencies in understanding/knowledge to manager, prior to commencement.

   Where requested, to ensure all project resources, including suppliers, are in place prior to commencement of works.

   To deliver all aspects of project involvement on or before agreed deadlines.



   To demonstrate an understanding of supplier inputs and to ensure these are appropriate or raise concerns to manager in a timely manner when they are at risk.

   To demonstrate awareness of financial targets set for individuals and projects.

   To seek authorisation from line manager for work to be issued.  i.e. ensure work is checked before issue.

   To generally produce written documents, such as reports, letters and emails, that are articulate, grammatically correct, clear and concise and technically correct.  Guidance is to be sought when needed.

   Is able to source and organise information but sometimes needs guidance to organise it in a way that makes it easily understandable.


Use of IT

   Is able to understand the applications of word processing software and is able to demonstrate a degree of numeracy that is appropriate for the level of data management required.

   Able to optimise the use of the software to present information in a professional and comprehensible manner.


Business Development and Marketing

   Understands the need and who in the organisation is responsible for identifying new opportunities and marketing avenues for growth and development.

   Understands the need for but not yet able to be involved in contract negotiations to ensure a positive outcome for all parties.

   To be aware of client satisfaction feedback either directly or indirectly via verbal or written testimony.


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